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Tierion TNT Review

Tierion (TNT) Review | The Next Big Thing in Crypto?

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It’s been almost a decade since the launching of the very first cryptocurrency.

Since then, the market has evolved. The developers solved a lot of issues that were faced initially.

Still, there are some shortcomings when it comes to issues like scalability, security, and high costs.

New developments are being made to provide practical solutions to these challenges.


What is Tierion (TNT?)

Tierion is a technology that aims to resolves issues of storing, sharing, and security of transactions.

Tierion uses blockchain technology to enable its users to store their data, have that data verified safely and perform safe transactions on the system.

Tierion uses revolutionary data anchoring technology that connects with over 500 apps. 


Tierion – A brief History

Tierion was released in 2015 by Wayne Vaughan and Jason Bukowski. Both the founders were experienced in their respective fields before starting the project.

Vaughan is known as the creator of the very first platform for SaaS marketing automation.

Bukowski also had good experience of over 20 years in the development field of scalable software. 


The Motivation behind Tierion

The Tierion team realized the need for safeguarding the data and decided to come up with a scalable platform that stores the data safely.

Big organizations like healthcare, insurance, and financial service providers have a lot of data of users that should never be compromised. Also, this data is enormous and needs to be placed in a safe place.

There are a lot of challenges faced in this regard.

Tierion comes up with a solution by using existing Chainpoint technology to create a “proof engine” that the internet can use for small or big applications.

Tierion aims to make it impossible to temper the blockchain, whether the records are of online purchases or health insurance. 


Tierion TNT Current Price

Here is the current price, rank, market cap and 24 hour volume of Tierion (TNT).



Tierion and Chainpoint

Tierion infrastructure is based on the Chainpoint Proof protocol. When a user adds data on Tierion, Chainpoint anchor the data to the blockchain to generate timestamp proof of data stored.

Chainpoint improves the scalability as its architecture is highly scalable.

Using Chainpoint, the system can create millions of proofs per second. The network keeps on scaling. The best thing about Chainpoint is it is designed to remain inexpensive for the network participants.

Chainpoint adds accuracy to its proofs by collecting data from Network Time Protocol (NTP) servers and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

The network then joins the anchors to both the Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchain. 


Top Features of Tierion

  • Immutable Records: As discussed earlier, Tierion aims to provide security to sensitive data.  So the records saved on the Tierion are immutable and safe.
  • Customer Information: Using the Chainpoint proof protocol, the companies trust on the system to save their essential customer data with Tierion. 
  • Accurate Data: The data stored on the network is accurate and consistent, and it is kept safe from hackers and other threats.
  • Verification: The network has a proper verification process. Multiple trust anchors and timestamps are added in every proof to create accurate verification.
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Application of TNT

The company partnered with big organizations quite early after its launch. One of the big names is Microsoft that collaborated with Tierion for data integrity and attestations.

Besides this, Tierion has worked with Philips in the filet of IoT data provenance, Blockcerts in credentials that may be verified by the blockchain, and Verifai for machine learning.

The revolutionary technology offered by Tierion has a lot of potentials to be integrated with various organizations. Even before token selling, more than a thousand companies used the Tierion SaaS application.


What makes Tierion Unique?

Tierion is in a good position when it comes to facing some fierce competition. There aren’t many competitors in the market that offers features similar to Tierion.

A close competitor might be Factom, but it processes fewer transactions per second and functions differently.

Wayne Vaughan actually helped develop Factom ealy on. So I think it’s safe to say he is developing something far better when you compare the two.

Another factor that makes Tierion stand out from other cryptocurrencies is that it fulfills a lot of business requirements with cost-effective solutions. 


Pros and Cons of Tierion


  • Partnership with major companies like Microsoft makes it reputable and trustworthy.
  • Features like issuance of digital receipt and audit trail are one of the top features offered by Tierion.
  • Customer data is safe, secure, and consistent.
  • You could collect data from the web and mobile applications.
  • Tierion could be integrated with various apps.


  • One of the disadvantages that are attached to cryptocurrencies is volatile nature, so does in the case of TNT. The value might decrease suddenly.
  • The company offers a cheap solution that might prove harmful financially in the long term.


How to Buy Tierion

The distribution of the token started in 2017. Now it is available to be traded on popular platforms like Binance, HitBTC, and Huobi Global.

Besides buying, you could also exchange your cryptos with Tierion.

CoinSwicth offers to exchange TNT from personal wallets, and you do not need a separate wallet. 


Future of Tierion

Tierion started great in the competitive market of cryptocurrencies.

Within a few years, the company joined hands with prominent organizations like Microsoft, Philips, and Accredible. Also, the company kept on providing timely updates to the system.

TNT has shown great potential, and the future looks bright.


Should You Invest in TNT?

TNT’s partnership with Microsoft and Philips made its reputation high in the market.

Also, the partnership indicates that it has potential as they gained the trust of such prominent organizations.

As the data storage requirements are ever-increasing, more organizations will likely join hands with Tierion in the future.

As the demand will increase, your investments could prove profitable in the future. 


Is TNT an ERC20 Token

Yes, Tieron is currently an ERC20 token and can be stored on any ERC20 compatible device or platform.

Our recommendation would be to keep your TNT safe and secure with the Trezor Hardware Wallet.

If you are in need of a reputable Cold Storage wallet you can see our full review of Trezor and why we highly recommend it for your crypto storage.


Final thoughts On Tierion

There are quite a lot of positives when we observe Tierion. It is an established company with an excellent team of developers. History shows successful partnerships.

The technology offered by Tierion is unique and according to the needs of modern-day issues faced by the crypto world.

The technology makes it possible to anchor data to the blockchain to provide proof and simplify trust. 

Tierion has already worked with various organizations and is continuing to expand.

Before you decide make sure you have the proper tools and use secure platforms. You have to make keeping your crypto and your identity safe.  See our battle-tested recommended tools for crypto so you can invest with confidence.

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